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Is it really possible to earn double or even triple digit returns without market risk? How different would your legacy and life be if you consistently averaged 17%-20% or more in your own Legacy Wealth Account? There is finally a way to marry growth, flexibility, stability, liquidity, safety, tax advantages and more through our Legacy Wealth Account! 

“I am now open and receptive to the rich, divine ideas that now perfectly initiate and sustain my business and my family legacy affairs”

– Dynamic Laws Of Prosperity

Ok so if you haven’t watched our webinar “Unlocking The Secrets To Long- Lasting Wealth: Discovering A True Wealth Creation Strategy For Your Business Utilizing The Same Dollar Multiple Times” then you need to by clicking the button below and registering to watch this educational webinar it will tell you the ins and outs of this strategy and why its so important.

We have created a system for amplifying returns through one of the world’s safest assets and we help this drastically grow faster than most other firms attempting to offer this. Here at DoWhatTheWealthyDo.com, ours is very unique in the sense that we use high forms of cost affective leverage to get this to drastically grow for you accelerating your cash flow, retirement and overall wealth utilizing the same dollar multiple times. This is the financial foundation of all the wealthy and we call it the Legacy Leveraged Wealth Account or LWA Legacy Wealth Account for short! Lets explore some of its unique benefits below.



Volatility is a sure recipe for poor emotional decisions. One response is to try and time the fluctuations, hoping to make more from what seems to be a somewhat predictable up and down movement. Unfortunately, like a casino, more lose than actually win. Those that do win end up becoming overconfident, develop a taste for the excitement and eventually end up making less due to losses and bad decisions. Timing the markets is a losing game. With the Legacy Leveraged Wealth Account you wont have to worry about volatility or loss of double digit gains, thus no more heart burn. In fact you will enjoy the peace of mind you get with having zero losses, double digit gains, ability to utilize the same dollar multiple times along with being 100% liquid.

Imagine having true flexibility and liquidity:

It’s never been more vital now than ever to have a diversified portfolio but do you have something in your portfolio that is proven to never lose any principle or profits during massive market crashes and even multiple wars and multiple great depressions? Now that is what we call a true hedge against all other asset classes. The best part is with this you have true liquidity and flexibility as we know life happens and you need a tax free flexible retirement plan that allows you to be flexible all without penalties and high taxation for accessing your funds. Here there are no hard qualifying applications or processes, its your funds and you have access to it with ease giving you true flexibility and liquidity. So much more convenient than other traditional retirement options.

Superhero Powers…
Now I get what you’re thinking, this sounds like a superhero move or something that’s too good to be true. Well it is and that’s why it’s a secret weapon the wealthy use and guess what SO DO THE BANKS! In fact that is why they will lend 100% on this tier 1 asset.


Many people forget that the banks only have FDIC insurance that insures up to $250,000 per account. Many business owners have a large sum of cash that exceeds that amount in one bank account NOT MAKING THEM MONEY and being exposed to… You got it lack of FDIC insurance coverage.

With the Legacy Leveraged Wealth Account, you can put your lazy idle dollars to work making massive compound interest amounts for you WHILE also providing your employees (the life blood of your business) with additional employee benefits at no cost to you or them if you so choose.

You can even create a 5-6 figure tax free revenue stream within as little as 11 years!

This powerful income strategy allows your company to not only create double digit returns annually in a highly compounded liquid environment, but it also allows you to provide added employee benefits which helps you attract and retain more quality talent all while utilizing the same dollar multiple times.

To learn more its highly recommended that you watch our free educational webinar by clicking the button below to learn how this powerful strategy that the wealthy and the banks use can make a massive impact on your business, employees and your legacy!

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