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As an entrepreneur, it’s vital that you keep more of what you currently make while increasing your cash flow. It’s also vital to begin taking the exact steps the wealthy take to protect your assets, pay little to no taxes, utilize a Legacy Wealth Account and Tax-Free Retirements while building long-lasting legacy wealth! Click The Legacy Wealth Blueprint Button Below To Discover The 6 Steps The Wealthy Take To Creating Long Lasting Wealth!

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“80% Of The Worlds Attorneys And 96% Of The Worlds Lawsuits Are Both Right Here In The Good Old USA? 53% of All Business Owners Are Involved In At Least One Lawsuit In Their Careers.” Are You Protecting Your Assets From Creditors & Lawsuits? If Not We Can Help!


Discover The 6 Steps The Wealthy Take To Create Long Lasting Legacy Wealth!


Its no surprise that the wealthy do things a bit differently than everyone else. At DoWhatTheWealthyDo.com we have summarize our services based around the 6 main steps the wealthy take religiously. As you click HERE to view our services page, you will see everything reflects on the 6 elements and steps the wealthy take below. Its our goal to help you do what the wealthy do!


PROTECT YOUR ASSETS: The wealthy believe that a good offense is a great defense. By protecting your assets through asset protection, the right insurance coverages and legal framework, you can help protect and eliminate yourself from creditors and lawsuits while creating a strong estate plan protecting your wealth for generations to come. Click Here For More Info On Asset Protection.


KEEP MORE OF WHAT YOU EARN: The wealthy understand that there are two types of taxes, one for employees and one for business owners and real estate investors. So by obtaining the proper tax planning and advisory, you can keep more of what you earn and therefore begin to use those funds to invest into other cash flowing assets while potentially taking additional tax deductions. Click Here For More Information On Tax Planning.


BUILD A LEGACY WEALTH ACCOUNT: Wealthy always put away money into additional wealth building strategies especially a Legacy Wealth Account. Piggy backing off of tax planning, you can put your lazy idle dollars or emergency funds to work and invest them into a highly compounded rate of return liquid account that also provides multiple benefits including liquidity, ease of access, high double digit growth, one time setup, high death benefit, living benefits and more. This allows you to use the funds for emergencies but also create a tax free income source that continues to grow for you year after year in as little as 11 years. This can also be utilized to provide a free death benefit for your employees. Click Here For More Information On The Legacy Wealth Account!


GROW A HEALTHY RETIREMENT: This is where you can utilize the tax code to build you out a healthy retirement (that you get taxed now and some that you get taxed later) with multiple streams of income. Investing in things you know such as Real Estate, Businesses, Precious Metals, Cryptocurrency and more. Click Here To Learn More About Growing A Healthy Retirement!


INVEST IN CASH FLOWING ASSETS: This is where you will want to allocate 15%-20% of your income to building out long term wealth while utilizing the tax code to give you deductions while obtaining cash flowing assets such as Real Estate and Cash flowing Businesses. With some being short term, some long term building out cash flow and over all long term wealth. Click Here for Real Estate Info, Click Here For Business Acquisition Info.


LEVERAGE WITH GOOD DEBT: The wealthy understand there are two types of debts, bad debts that cost you money (typically personal debts) and good debts (typically debts that are unsecured under the business or by an asset) that pay you cash flow. The wealthy eliminate their bad debts and only use good debts that not only pay for themselves but also cash flows and make them money at the same time growing their overall net worth.

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“I Give Thanks That I Am Now Wealthy, Well, Happy And That My Financial Affairs Are In Divine Order. Every Day In Every Way I Am Growing Richer And Richer”

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