Why DWTWD & Obsidian?

We are a team of wealth & tax strategists here to help entrepreneurs unmask the world of what the wealthy do.


Providing Entrepreneurs with high-tech, high-touch education and implementation on the exact steps the wealthy take, resulting in clients protecting their assets, legally paying no taxes, utilizing wealth-building strategies to drastically grow their wealth and tax-free retirements along with building long-lasting legacy wealth for their future and family.


Our Sole Existence Is To Help Hard Working Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Impact Minded Individuals Become Prosperity Minded & Liberated In All Areas Of Their Life Starting With Their Finances.

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“Everything and Everybody Prospers Us Now, And We Prosper Everything & Everybody Now”

– Dynamic Laws Of Prosperity

We understand the rules of the game and how you can utilize those rules to WIN. The challenges is that most hard working Entrepreneurs and Business Owners are not taught the actual rules to win. Most entrepreneurs follow investment models and blanket advice handed down by Wall Street which is completely broken and can cost you millions of dollars when it doesn’t have to.

To help clients ensure they are not continually making decisions that can kill their business production, cash flow and their retirements, we help educate entrepreneurs the rules of the game and the rules of the wealthy in which is to do exactly what the wealthy do. Such as how money works, how leverage works in your favor, how to legally pay no taxes, how there is good debt and bad debt, how insurance works, how investing works and more.

By knowing the rules and implementing them into your business and in your lives, you can do exactly what the wealthy do while yielding the exact same results they obtain by keeping more of what you make and reinvesting it into your business, assets, and create long lasting legacy wealth. When you know all the rules that allow you to play to win, you can begin to start creating new strategies such as what we have done to help our clients win big!

As you will come to find we are not your typical small family office, we are very OUT OF THE BOX which is exactly what’s needed within our crazy markets. We do NOT sell any stocks, bonds, or mutual funds here, nor do we truly manage anyone’s assets unless they specifically ask us too. We specifically look to empower and help our clients implement the strategies the wealthy take to get the same results.

We show our clients how they can keep more of what they make, how we can even further leverage the same dollar multiple times, build out multiple revenue streams, multiple retirements on the same dollar, maximize tax deductions and protect their long term wealth giving them peach of mind knowing their assets are safe and protected from creditors and lawsuits. They can also have peace of mind knowing they will no longer lose a ton of money in their retirements, have to pay heft amounts to the IRS and can truly maximize every dollar to build out their long-term wealth.

When you are 100% financially independent with your legacy wealth plan in place and 100% committed to your soul purpose while being fully confident in your financial foundation, you are able to then create a dynasty and family legacy that can last for decades all will be proud of.


This is a state of having the structures & assets in place to provide the necessary cash flow to cover all your living expenses- so you’re free to live life on your terms and do the things that you are passion about and which align with your soul purpose.

Everything We Do Here At DoWhatTheWealthyDo.com & Obsidian Wealth Management is Guided By Our 5 Main Principles….


Everything We Do Here At DoWhatTheWealthyDo.com & Obsidian Wealth Management is Guided By Our 5 Main Principles….

1.) Putting Clients First:

The most important thing is to ensure that clients are getting what they need most which is education and implementation to what particular DoWhatTheWealthyDo.com services make the most sense for their current situation. We always look to put our clients first and make sure they get the attention and assistance they need and deserve. That is why we limit how many clients we take on per year to ensure they always get high touch quality time and results.

2.) Value Creation & Protection:

Always ensure that clients keep more of the money they earn, and use the money they earn and the value they have already created to build long-lasting legacy wealth even if they don’t really like money or managing finances. Doing this while protecting everything they have and own Aso that it can never be taken away from them.

3.) Always Do The Right Thing:

When it comes to doing what the wealthy do, it’s vital that we strive to always do the right thing no matter the motivations. This includes limiting our clients on an annual basis even if it hurts our growth so that we can make sure our clients are always handled with care. That also means saying no to the wrong potential client and having to turn people away that are simply not a good fit. We will always do what’s best and what’s right for our clients, their business, their legacies and their families by always putting them first!

4.) Soul Purpose:

If it was always and only about making more money for the sake of making more money, then life would lose its meaning. By clarifying and defining the inner forces that drive you, you can see how each decision ties into the greater vision you have for your life. Its our mission to help our clients get to a point of freedom where if they are not already living their Soul Purpose, then it gets them to a place where they finally can. Life is much more than just money and wealth, it’s about living your life’s soul purpose, enjoying life and doing good with the time we have on this rock.

5.) Abundance Mindset:

Most advisors well tell you to reduce, eliminate or cut back on expenses which is bad because it creates a scarcity mindset and scarcity is the greatest destroyer of wealth. We are all about the Abundance mindset where you are looking at more ways of being of service and production rather than reduction. Giving customers better service, add more value, solve more problems, give more to charity, help those in need. What you give out will come back 10 fold and this has been a secret of the wealthy for a very long time that is vital to anyone’s true success.

6.) Quality Of Life:

What’s the point of working so hard when you are never able to step back and enjoy this amazing life you have been given along with the fruits of your labor. You likely didn’t start working for yourself to dislike your boss did you? You will never see us telling you to sacrifice your retirement plan. In fact, it’s our sole purpose or soul purpose to help you enjoy the quality of your life and to encourage that through the dynamic laws of prosperity you give back as a part of gratitude for what you have obtained stemming off of and utilizing the Abundance Mindset.


Joshwa Fuchs

Joshwa Fuchs is the founder and Chief Wealth Advocate of DoWhatTheWealthyDo.com & Obsidian Wealth Management, a life long entrepreneur, real estate investor and speaker. He has dedicated his life to educate and serve hard-working, honest business owners.

Joshwa comes from 4th generation horticulture and multi-generational farming families, raised in rural Idaho. On both sides of his parents, one set of grandparents were 2nd generational horticulture growers having owned their own greenhouses and floral shop, while his other grandparents were multi generational farmers growing wheat, triticale and barley while raising over 300 head of cattle and over 100 pigs.

Having worked his whole life for both sides of the family, Joshwa knows what it takes to work hard and see things through. He has spent the past 22+ years being a student of finance, business, real estate, asset protection, accounting and now cryptocurrency. Having worked with some very large companies that did over $500M in annual revenues, he began learning exactly what the wealthy do and how they protect their wealthy, preserve, grow and enhance their wealth.  Joshwa founded DoWhatTheWealthyDo.com & Obsidian Wealth Management to help self-made business owners who understand hard work but don’t understand the rules of the game and the exact steps the wealthy take.


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