Welcome To The Tax Planning FAQ’S!

Below You Will Find FAQ’S That We Have Compiled To Help You Understand What The Legacy Wealth Account Is And How It Can Benefit You, Your Business, Your Family And Your Legacy!

Below You Will Find FAQ’S That We Have Compiled To Help You Understand What Tax Advisory & Planning Services Can Benefit You, Your Business, Your Family And Your Legacy!

What Is A Tax Plan Or Tax Advisory Services?

This is a fantastic question and are glad you have taken enough interest to learn what is available to you. Tax planning and advisory is where we put together a series of strategies for you based on your business and personal needs that minimize your tax liability that you must pay to the IRS. 

Generally, the higher your adjusted gross income (AGI), the more you pay in taxes. We look to help creatively use the same amount of funds you would pay the IRS and reposition and repurpose them into various strategies that eliminate your tax liability every year. We act as your tax 7 wealth advisor helping you get rid of your taxes legally and use those funds to build your wealth.

What Is Tax Planning Exactly?

Tax planning is a proactive process that happens throughout the year. It is the process of looking at your personal life, your business(s), your assets, cash flow, financial goals, and 70,000 pages of tax code to legally reduce your tax liability so you keep more of your hard-earned dollars and invest those into cash-flowing assets.

Why Doesnt My CPA Provide Tax Planning Or Know About Tax Planning?

Most accountants, CPAS are focused on preparing tax returns (Tax Preparer) for compliance purposes and they are not really taking a step back and saying “how should we be offering our clients a better service of saving them and their business on taxes every year”.  

Most are tax preparers that are compliance-oriented, reactive and are more like a general doctor versus a specialist such as a brain surgeon. 

Tax planning does take compliance into consideration but is more results and value-focused along with being proactive and very specialized in understanding tax law and how to maximize your wealth by minimizing your tax liabilities and utilizing strategies that are designed to build your wealth and give you tax deductions at the same time.

Do You Guarantee Tax Savings?

We don’t offer guarantees because honestly it gives people a way to fail and back out then put the blame on us.

The reality is that we both have to work at this together as a team in order to make this successful. We are going to need information from you, decisions from you, and it’s going to take both of us to make this work correctly so that you do maximize your savings and increase your overall wealth.

As your tax and wealth advisor, we will be working together every step of the way and we can say with confidence that we definitely be able to save you the money that we quote in our tax consultation.

I can promise you that if you show up and get us everything we need, we will be there to support you 100% and provide you the results you deserve and are expecting.

Do You Charge Per The Hour?

We believe in being 100% transparent as we do not charge by the hour. We offer transparent pricing so you always know what you are going to invest before you work with us. 

Can You Do Payment Plans?

We work with our clients to ensure that our fee structure doesnt impede on their ability to have strong cash flow within the business. We do take credit cards, we do have financing options for those who need it.

We break it down to where we have a max total, we collect a % of it upfront and then the remaining amount is broken up into the remaining amount of months left within the year to help with your cash flow.

Some choose to finance it all and then pay their loan off quickly to avoid higher interest charges. We are flexible to help you grow and remain strong. This is a monthly and quarterly process as we are there on this journey with you the entire time.

What Is Tax Prep?

Tax preparation happens at the end of every year and is the process of preparing tax returns for submission to the IRS. Once the year is over it limits the amount of strategies that we can use to actually save you money on your taxes.

It’s vital to get started right away so that we have time to implement these strategies and get you to where you pay little to no taxes.

Some strategies may take up to 6 months or longer to implement depending on the strategy and those may come with higher deductibility that rolls over into the next year giving you instant tax savings the year the strategy was implemented and tax savings into the following year.

How Can You Estimate What I Overpaid In Prior Years And What You Can Save Me In Our Zoom Call?

This is a great question and is why we collect information from prior to our call. We can see what you have overpaid by looking at a variety of documents such as tax returns, pnl/balance sheets and more.

Then just as a Real Estate Agent/Investor or Rehabber estimates values, repairs and After Repair Values, we do the same and come up with estimated savings based on what you previously paid and what you could be saving by working with us and implementing our strategies.

Is The Tax Planning-Tax Advisory Investment Tax Deductible?

Yes! You can keep overpaying your taxes each year and potentially struggle to grow your wealth faster than you potentially can. 


You work with DoWhatTheWealthyDo and write off this investment for us to save you 80% or more of your taxes each and every year while growing your overall wealth with the savings and strategies we provide.

What Various Strategies Do We Cover During Tax Advising?

There are over 100+ different strategies that can be implemented and some of them you will only be able to obtain here because we created them and the unique stuctures they are part of.

Some of them are the following but not limited to custom strategies, legal entity optimzation, maximizing all legal deductions, retirement, insurance, asset protection, legal tax loopholes, industry specific strategies, revenue stream separation, cost seg and more.

If you got any questions that are NOT listed on there, please complete the form below and provide us with your questions so that we may get back to you with anwsers and can glady put your questions up here to help further people who may have those same questions. Thank you for helping us improve your FAQ’s.