Know Your Legacy Is Built Bulletproof, Solid, Protected, Strategic, and Profitable.

Educating Entrepreneurs How To Do What The Wealthy Do & Keep More Of What They Make While Building Long Lasting Legacy Wealth That Lasts!

Our Customizable Do What The WealthyDo’s Legacy Wealth framework is engrained and woven throughout every service we offer, putting all your various pieces into one unified Plan. We call this Your Legacy Wealth Blueprint™

Our team of Wealth Advocates are here to help you create your Legacy Wealth Blueprint and customize it to your own needs, values and strengths. This blueprint will continue to keep your finances organized, keep your assets protected, build long lasting legacy wealth all while giving you peace of mind so you can go out there, be creative and continue to live your lifes passion and soul purpose all while building the life you love.


Discover The 5 Shifts The Wealthy Take To Create Long Lasting Legacy Wealth!


Although we are willing and able to help you with all areas of doing what the wealthy do, below are some of our primary objectives to help get you accelerated!

1. Build and Protect Your Living Legacy

Most people want to retire comfortably and leave a legacy to their families. However most don’t know where to start. With over 67% of today’s adults in the USA not having a basic Will & Testament or asset protection, it goes to show that many don’t know where to start and others are simply lazy. Many also believe that they have to work extra hard, make major sacrifices now to enjoy life later which can be further from the actual truth.

We know you are super different because you are a hard-working entrepreneur and for you it may just be a matter of not knowing where to start and that is ok because that is why we are here. is here to help you create that Legacy Wealth Blueprint which allows you to create an abundant life now while having a highly protected safe and robust retirement later and leave your highly protected long-lasting legacy to your loved ones. By providing the right protection for your assets, you won’t be privy to lawsuits or creditors ever coming after your hard-earned assets, thus protecting your family in the process.

Again, it’s not just about money. We also show you how you can pass on your family values and traditions so future generations to come can enjoy the abundance, along with the proper dynamic laws of abundance mindset you have created that you want passed on to the ones you love.

When you have a Legacy Wealth Blueprint In Place, You’ll:

  • Give your family the gift of security and happiness for years and even generations to come
  • Be the superhero of your children and family
  • Be free to live your life with passion and purpose all without fear of running out of money
  • Be rid of any negative mindset or lack in your life, always having the abundance mentality which will be passed on to your loved one’s
  • Feel secure knowing you and your family are fully taken care of in retirement years and that you are doing something good for your families future
  • Leave a Legacy behind to your family while still implementing sound principles and family values

2. Keep More Of What You Earn-Improve Overall Cash Flow

Most business owners are losing and hemorrhaging money every month and don’t realize it (aka taxes ect). Some feel overwhelmed and out of control when it comes to their finances and investments. Others simply don’t like to deal with finances, but the reality of it all is that finances are the backbone of any business and must be addressed, managed and taken care of.

When You Optimize Your Cash Flow & Keep More Of What You Earn, You’ll:

  • Legally Pay Little to NO Money In Taxes Allowing To Put Those Funds To Positive Use Such As Acquiring Cash Flowing Assets
  • Save Money On Loans and Premiums
  • Finally Have Control Over Your Money and Finances
  • Be 100% Confident You Are Maximizing Your Profits and Not Wasting It
  • Stop Feeling Overwhelmed by Your Financial Situation

3. Do What The Wealthy Do Education & Implementation

It’s important to understand the make up of what it takes to be a major superhero. We are going to stick with Batman because he is a perfect example of a superhero that is 100% a regular man with no special powers or abilities. He just happens to have the top two above taken care of and is a Billionaire. But what makes Batman an actual superhero?

We would have to say it’s the tools he has on his tool belt. The so-called tools he has are exactly what makes him super. He isn’t got some crazy super power or mutation, nor is he from another planet. He is simply just a regular man with a cool suit and an amazing tool belt.

The tools you have accessible to make you super is the education and implementation we provide at After working with us, you will finally understand many of the steps the wealthy take and why they take them along with how you can too. The education and strategies we help our clients implement become tools on your tool belt to make you super and to build that long lasting legacy you deserve.


Business Owners Need Access To Liquidity Much More Differently than a Non-Business Owner.

That’s why we focus on helping entrepreneurs keep more of the money they earn by paying less in taxes, use the money they earn, value they create and unique abilities to build long lasting legacy wealth just like the wealthy do. All without sacrificing, delaying and deferring in the box financial advice that simply doesn’t work for entrepreneurs.


Discover The 5 Shifts The Wealthy Take To Create Long Lasting Legacy Wealth!